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After spending over two years trying to learn and grow in my journey as a birthmom, I have joined and left three different “Birthmother” Facebook groups. I did learn a lot about myself and the struggles people are dealing with but these groups just weren’t a good fit for me. I did actually meet another “older” mom, like myself, in reunion for about the same amount of time. Our stories are different-but the same. We have been talking quite some time about needing to find a page for our age group-who had babies in/near the “baby scoop era” and in closed adoptions. It’s just hard to make a connection with women in open adoptions, especially when they are young enough to be our children.

Neither one of us found a group like that so we decided to start our own. I don’t know if this is a group that will grow or not. Women my age are usually not looking to social media for information and they probably felt like I did that there was no one who would understand. Before reunion with my daughter I avoided all things adoption related. Maybe they are “hiding” like I was.

If you are reading this blog and you are a birthmom or know someone who is, feel free to send them my way. Even if they don’t fit in my FB group I know a couple of really good ones!

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  1. Have you Facebook-friended Mirah Riben? Sandy Muser? Lorraine Dusky? Jo Swanson? Carol Schaefer? Lee Campbell? These women are friends of mine in-real-life and on Facebook. I met Mirah and Sandy and Lee iin 1980, and Lorraine and Carol in the late 80s at American Adoption Congress conferences. They are all mothers-of-adoption-loss from the Baby-Scoope Era. Sandy has dementia now, and may not respond to a friend request. She might, if you tell her Doris Sippel – Joan Wheeler sent you to her. Mirah Riben has written two books and has a long list of articles published at Huffington Post online. Sandy wrote 4 books, 5, I think. No, 6: the 6th one she asked me to help her with and then she turned the project over to me. The book is: Strangers by Adoption: Ten Adoptees Share Their Stories of Rejection or Abuse. Lorraine Dusky wrote two books. Carol wrote a memoir. Jo Swanson writes artticles and is great oon adoption history. Ask her about here blogs. Lee Cambell wrote a few bnooks, too. She was on The Phil Donahue Show in the 70s and 80s – look up the videos on You Tube. You can find their books on Amazon. There are lots of Moms in your age group who would love to talk with you! Oh yes, look up Karen Wilson Butterbaugh. She wrote a blog and a book on Baby Scoop: https://babyscoopera.com/

    You most certainly not alone.

    Good luck on your own Facebook group. Hopefully, it will be a sucess!


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